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Our guests go the gambit from complete beginners to incredibly experienced riders. We can teach you to ride like you never dreamed possible – in only 4 days – not years and years. What you will learn and do in horse riding and horsemanship is quite amazing and we are very proud that we can do this. You will be amazed at your confidence and your skills that you’ve achieved in the 4 days here at Adventure Horse Riding in NYS.

We are able to do this because we take only 2 persons per 4 day session – there are no large groups competing for attention.  We intentionally stay small and  focus only on you – exclusively – your desires, needs, fears – you name it and we try out best to do it.  And, we love what we do !

We have incredible terrain here – you’ll be climbing hills, sliding down hills, crossing rocky creeks, going thru deep mud and  water; it is extremely varied from very easy to very difficult.

You and your little darling will be together from about 9 to 5 or 6 – with a 1.5 hour lunch break when you can eat, rest, nap, think or whatever.

This is what “real horse riding” is all about – outside and in the woods – no arenas or going round and round in circles.  It would take you near 5 years to become this accomplished – really and truly.

You will learn how to ride at all speeds and gaits, go over all kinds of terrain, learn how to communicate and understand the needs of the little darlings, develop skills to deal with rodeos (when a horse acts up), and on and on and on.

At the average lesson price of $60 an hour times 52 weeks a year times 4 years, you would have spent over $15, 600 ! ! ! Are you kidding ???

AND, you still wouldn’t have learned to do “REAL Horse Riding”.

This includes, at no additonal charge, accommodations at our local Bed and Breakfast, the Victorian.  The B&B is located right in town and serve absolutely delicious breakfasts.  It is located right in the middle of town, within walking distance to grocery stores, gift shops, banks, and restaurants.  The ride to the ranch is approx. 10 minutes.

You will be eating out – because -  we can ride but we sure can’t cook.

If you are a single – meaning you are coming here alone, we may fit you up with another single but you will definitely have separate rooms.

And, if you want to bring your own little darling, we’d just love it.   I believe you need a current Coggins and health certificate to travel the roads in NYS.


We have people come here that have never even been around a horse & we have had folks here that own their own horses and/or have been riding for as long as 15 years and they simply cannot believe how much they have learned in the 4 days at the ranch. They are  astounded.

Folks are amazed at what they learn about themselves and what they have learned about horses.


This is a truly “real life changing experience”

And we’d would loved to have you a part of it. This truly is


If you are the best “horseback rider” in the world and have “marvelous” form BUT you can’t get your horse to do what you want him to do, then it just doesn’t matter how beautifully you ride, does it? This is what many folk are so clueless about.

If you boil it right down to the nuts & bolts – riding a horse is simply keeping the horse between you & the ground. In other words, not crashing !!! That is it !


Below is a video of some of the things you will be doing here – whether you are here simply on vacation or for our fantastic “learn to Ride in 4 Days ! No Kidding & No Fooling !!! Youtube video – this is great – no longer below because it was so darn loud & I couldn’t figure out how to control the darn volume !

Click the link:  VIDEO PROMO Learn to Ride in 4 Days this will go to Youtube.